Emmy Marcus explores art of makeup

Emmy Marcus ’22 poses for a picture on her instagram displaying her detailed artwork that she created on her face.

Photo contributed by Emmy Marcus ’22

Emmy Marcus ’22 poses for a picture on her instagram displaying her detailed artwork that she created on her face.

Rebecca Kanfer '21

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An abundance of makeup brushes, eyeshadow pallets and rainbow colored lipsticks overflow her vanity. As a way to express her love for art, Emmy Marcus ’22 uses her face as a canvas.
Marcus has always had a talent for drawing and painting but starting experimenting with the world of special effects makeup this past November. On Feb. 4, Marcus created an account on Instagram to showcase her work, called @emmym.mua. In a little over a month, the account has gained 500 followers and Marcus posts different makeup looks on a daily basis.
“I’m just having fun with the account and posting as I go,” Marcus said. “I like the idea of my work being out there so anyone can see it and hopefully enjoy it.”
Her makeup uses the same skills as drawing does: blending, shading and coloring. Marcus has always watched beauty guru videos on platforms like Youtube and Instagram, inspiring her to branch out her artistic expression.
“I wanted to use makeup as an artistic expression because I love to draw and [do] creative things,” Marcus said. “After watching too many videos and following many people who do this type of makeup, I wanted to give it a try.”
Although Marcus was nervous to put herself out there, she pushed herself outside her comfort zone and is overjoyed with the reactions.
“I didn’t tell anyone about my account,” Marcus said. “Originally it was only my mom and dad following it, then I [went public]. The response has been both terrific and encouraging.”
Her peers have taken inspiration from her art after she began her account. “Emmy has influenced me to start experimenting with makeup,” Amanda Rowan ’22 said. “I look to see what products she uses and then get them for myself.”
Marcus’s account and skills have not only produced comfort and confidence in herself and her abilities but has created a response of enthusiasm in her peers.
“It always excites me when I see a new post from her,” Jess Leon ’22 said. “The designs are always different and interesting. I can’t help but comment.”