Harsh weather causes major flood damages to Westport homes

Harsh weather causes major flood damages to Westport homes

By Caroline Donohue ’20

Tuesday, Sept. 25 was a dreaded day for citizens of Westport and the surrounding Fairfield county towns, as torrential downpours hit hard. Heavy rain went on for hours, cancelling games, practices and many other after school events. But Staples High School wasn’t the only place in town that was impacted.

Across many different places in Westport, streets, houses and cars were flooded to the extreme. Basements were taken over by mass amounts of water and cars were driven into impassable puddles.

Many Staples students witnessed cars being engulfed by water in popular streets like Pumpkin Hill. “I was on my way to get my brother from Staples and we couldn’t get through because my street was flooded and there was a car that had water up to its hood,” Zoey Rosier ’20 said.

Cars were spotted in several different places in Westport, trying to get through the floods of rain in the streets. Many drove directly into the patches of rain, which is extremely dangerous and risky.

In addition to flooded streets, many homes experienced power outages and water damage.

“After the storm my basement flooded but luckily it was only one room and a small amount,” Annagrace McManus ’21 said. “A few years ago it completely flooded so we have pumps to prevent it.”

While the damage of the floods were not horrible for the McManus family, some basements were flooded for days and nights. Floods are not easily prevented and can be extremely damaging to a house.

“My friend’s basement got flooded and it was so much work for them to cleanup, it was crazy,” Carly Beeler ’20 said. “The weather is insane lately.”