Bedford Middle School students take a stand on gun violence


By Lauren Wasserman ’20 and Dana Perelberg ’20

On March 14 a walkout took place in schools all over the United States, including in Bedford Middle School. At approximately 9:45 a.m. hundreds of students filed into the hallways. They abandoned their backpacks and binders to gather in the gym in the name of gun control.

“We knew the national school walkout was happening and we wanted to make Bedford part of it so we talked to Dr. Rosen about it and we laid down a bit of plans,” Maya Markus-Malone ’22, a student speaker at the event, said.

The walkout at Bedford included speakers from every grade and the students who spoke displayed a sense of activism by sharing their views on gun violence in regards to schools.

The students of Bedford participated in this event because they realized the necessity of young people creating change and wanted to advocate for this cause.

“We may be young, but our age does not dismiss the power we have to create change,” Sasha Barnett ’22 said while reading aloud a speech written by a number of Bedford eighth graders.

This has been a common theme throughout the nation – not just in the BMS halls. According to, students are taking stands across America because the government hasn’t initiated the change they wish to see.

“We are done hearing news about innocent civilians dying,” Barnett said. “We are done hearing about tragic events, we are done with keeping our mouths shut.”