Silverman’s Farm: The Continued Tradition of Apple Picking


By Bailey Blaikie ’19

Although fall is not yet in full swing, apple picking at Silverman’s Farm in Easton, Connecticut has been packed with visitors for weeks now.

Silverman’s Farm is is a family owned farm located about 20 minutes away from Westport. The farm specializes in pumpkin, apple and raspberry picking during the fall season. Along with the “pick your own” area of the farm, there is an indoor market with freshly baked pies, donuts and homemade cider.

“I personally love the apple picking at Silverman’s,” Isabel Handa ’19 said. “Fall is my favorite season and it’s a great way to get out and enjoy the weather with my family.” Handa and her family made it a tradition a few years ago that they go apple picking at Silverman’s every year.

In order to get to the “pick your own” section, visitors take a five minute tractor ride up to the orchards. “My favorite part about apple picking at Silverman’s is the tractor ride to get up there. Although it was more entertaining for me when I was younger, it’s still a fun ride,” Jack Sharkey ’18 said.

Once the tractor arrives at the top of the hill, there are countless rows of different types of apples that people can pick and bring home. Visitors roam the trees, searching for the ripest apples and tasting them as they pick. They currently offer Macintosh, Macoun and Crimson Crisp; however, they vary throughout the season.

After picking the apples, people take the tractor ride back to the bottom where many often hurry into the market to get a hold of their famous homemade apple cider donuts. “The apple cider donuts at Silverman’s are amazing,” Avery Smith ’19 said. “They’re what I look forward to every fall season.”

“Apple picking at Silverman’s is definitely one of my favorite things to do during Fall,” Jordan Cutler ’18 said. “I think Silverman’s is a great place and there’s something to do for everyone, whether you’re young or old.”