Cookie Craving delivers a sweet surprise

Organization logo created by Charlie Colasurdo ’18

Organization logo created by Charlie Colasurdo ’18

By Cate Casparius ’19

Greg Dusenbury ‘18 and Josiah Tarrant ‘18 recently introduced a new and unique business to the Westport scene: the first student run, nonprofit, cookie delivery service, Cookie Craving.  As written on Cookie Craving’s Facebook page,  “By buying our cookies, you not only satisfy your cookie craving but help change the world.”

Both Dusenbury and Tarrant have taken multiple culinary camps and courses in the Staples kitchens and enjoy the art of cooking. “Chef Gans is always encouraging us to follow our passions for cooking through jobs, internships, and other opportunities,” Dusenbury said.

After struggling to come up with the perfect business pitch to involve themselves in the culinary scene, Dusenbury explained how a cookie delivery service would not only allow them to utilize their skills, but manipulate the hours to work with their personal schedules.

“Why cookies? Why not?” Dusenbury and Tarrant replied when asked about the creation process. “We don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy cookies. They are delicious, you can have as few or as many as you want and you can always save them for the next day. They are easy to make quickly and are best served warm.”

Dusenbury and Tarrant are currently applying for a “501 (c)(3) status” which will allow them to cover the cost of the business with the money they make and then donate the rest to charities. Ultimately, they hope to donate to a few different charities on a rotating schedule. Sarcoma Foundation of America and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation will be the main ones, with others to be added in the future.

“I’m excited for this, it’s some of my favorite things combined: freshly baked cookies and donating to charity,” Brian Krawiec ’19 said.

The first delivery date is projected to be Saturday, June 24 and their social media sites will inform customers of specific delivery times. They plan to deliver throughout the whole summer and will hopefully continue the organization after as well.

Don’t miss an opportunity to get cookies delivered to your door: follow “cookiecraving06880” on Instagram, like their Facebook page, or add them on Snapchat to get notified when they’ll be delivering homemade, freshly baked, delicious cookies!