Manchester attack raises concern about Gov Ball

(Picture attributed by Governors Ball)

(Picture attributed by Governors Ball)

By Sasha Narang ’18

Following the Manchester terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert on May 22, young adults are in fear about attending one of New York’s most anticipated events, The Governor’s Ball. With featured artists such as Chance the Rapper, Lorde and Tool, those who are going are in debate over whether taking extra precautions is necessary.

Taking place only three weeks after the attack, many worry about the possibility of a similar incident.

“I feel like anything is possible. I definitely wouldn’t bet on anything happening, but you never know,” Lindy Sinclair ’18 said.

Although it is unlikely, the attack in Manchester proved that damage can be done at unpredictable times. No one can truly guess when they are in danger, causing those who are attending Gov Ball to question whether they are in a vulnerable setting.

Bridget French ’18 expressed her apprehension. “Any place with a high concentration of people would call for concern,” she said.

However, others disagree, believing the fear to be unnecessary. Many explained how, although it’s important to be cautious, living life in fear will cause people to miss out on fundamental experiences. Abby Greenblatt ’18 said she’s “not really” worried about attending Gov ball, as she “saw good security at the Meadows music festival.”

Ultimately, security should not be an issue for the popular event. Trained individuals will be scattered throughout, constantly on the lookout for suspicious activity. Although this has reassured many, a majority are still unable to combat the thought of possible danger.

However, Sasha Arellano ’19 has a different outlook. “I’m not worried at all. The security is going to be great, and by not going is letting them win in a way,” she said.

Overall, every individual can agree that both having a fun night and prioritizing safety are components of a successful Gov Ball experience. After all, the night should be filled with singing to your favorite artists and dancing like no one’s watching, not living in constant fear.

“I’m just excited to have a fun time with my friends and don’t plan on letting fear get in the way of that,” Arellano said.