New T.A.G. leadership announced with the departure of the senior class

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By Nicole Dienst ’18
As the heavy workload of students decreases and the seniors depart for their internships, the school year is coming to an end, along with the past leadership of the Staples club, Teen Awareness Group. For the remainder of the school year and the 2017-2018 school year, the new executive board will consist of both juniors and seniors who each represent a given position.

“Last year’s leadership was exceptional, so we have big shoes to fill, but I am confident TAG 2017-2018 will be a success,” Juliana Beal ’18, new Co-President of T.A.G., said.

The two new co-presidents are Juliana Beal and Jackson Daignault ’18 who are taking over for Lauren Stack ’17 and Jack Norman ’17. “I am so excited for the group of young leaders that will be in charge of TAG next year,” Norman said. “I have the utmost faith in their leadership and know that they will do amazing things. There are definitely things that I hope TAG achieves in the coming years, but that is for the new board to decide.”
Having current juniors on the board has served as a helpful segway into having a major leadership position as a senior. “Serving on the executive board last year has prepared me very well for this year because I now know how everything has to be done, and the level of preparation needed for every event,” Gabriela Vega ’18, new vice president of T.A.G., said.
The primary goal of T.A.G. next year is to continue their status as a serious and informative club. “Our main goal is to carry on the T.A.G. legacy and continue to have successful events,” Beal said.
There are many duties of the executive board, including the organization of T.A.G. events such as Grim Reaper Day. They also hold the responsibility of communicating with other organizations and the school community, all done with the intention of advocating for the club’s overall message: “TAG you’re it. Your life. Your decision,” the T.A.G. website states.