Senior year may end, but the shirts will last forever


By Anay Simunovic ’18

Although graduation is soon approaching and senior year is coming to an inevitable end, one thing will last forever: the senior girls’ shirts.

“It’s just fun dressing up […] and it’s an aspect that everyone looks forward to being apart of,” Bri Rotella ’17 said.

Every year, the senior girls purchase a navy blue short-sleeved shirt with a phrase printed on the back. For many, the phrase represents an inside joke with friends or even a nickname that they are recognized by.

For example, the phrase on the back of Claire Lonergan’s ’17 shirt is “social media.”

“The name on my shirt is ironic because my friends make fun of me for not using any forms of social media,” Lonergan said.

In addition, the word, “kale” appears on the back of Rachel Seidman’s ’17 shirt.

“I love kale salad and I always get made fun of for eating so much kale and for just eating healthy in general,” Seidman said.

Some may think that the tradition of the senior girls’ shirts is rather trivial; however, to many, the shirts represent a sense of community among the senior class and a continuation of a long-standing tradition.

“It unifies the Staples community and celebrates the hard work we have put in” Donovan Ross ’18 said.

Similarly, “The shirts have become a part of Staples tradition,” Aliza Dodge ’18 said. “They symbolize your last year of high school and it becomes something that makes you look up to the senior girls as an underclassmen.”