English Department Continues Their Costume Tradition


By: Alexandra Sprouls ’19 and Camryn Ragland ’18

The English department dressed up in costumes on Oct. 31st to spread the Halloween spirit throughout Staples.

“As a department we just find it really fun to dress up. Each year it’s a little different. Every office kind of takes on a different theme.” Mrs. Pacuk, Staples English Teacher said.

This year’s theme was Disney which could be seen throughout the hallways. One office went with “Finding Nemo” theme which featured Nemo, Dory, and Darla costumes, iconic characters from the highly esteemed film. Another office dressed as characters from the hit movie, “Frozen”.

Their whole department takes joy in creating a fun learning environment enhancing for their students while having fun themselves. Staples teachers enjoyed bringing a fun more laid back theme to their classes on Halloween by supplying candy for students, and playing themed games during class periods.

“My English class on Halloween was really fun. The atmosphere in the room was just more lively, because my teacher was dressed up and we all got to have candy!” Logan Varsano ’19 said.

After seeing so many people dress up for Halloween last year at Staples, teachers were excited to see even more creativity this year. They were disappointed to see that students were not as festive.

“Maybe next year… maybe seeing teachers dressed up this year will result in next year’s students really getting into the spirit and be ready to go.” Pacuk said.

There was a noticeable amount of upperclassmen dressed up in comparison to the underclassman.

“I didn’t dress up because I thought I would be judged as a sophomore, but if I was a senior I think I’d go all out.” Maddie Phelps ’19 shared.

While the underclassmen thought that dressing up during school hours was not for them, senior Lydia Shaw ’17 loved dressing up to celebrate the holiday.

“I like to dress up for Halloween because there is no other time of year where I can fully be decked out in a costume! It’s fun to get creative with it and wear something different for a change. Plus, I’ve been dressing up every year since I was a kid, so why stop now?” Shaw said.