Westport’s Bagel Bistros Keep Customers Coming Back

Westport’s Bagel Bistros Keep Customers Coming Back

By: Alexandra Sprouls ’19

Bagels are a common staple in many Westporters’ morning routines; Whether it’s a rainbow bagel with cream cheese or an everything bagel with lox, no one likes to be disappointed. That’s why it’s important for everyone to have a consistent, local bagel store that they can rely on.

Ryan Felner ’19 claims he is “obsessed with good bagels,” and that “Westport does not have good quality”, but as Westport, Connecticut is home to two busy bagels shops, the many Westporters responsible for keeping them in business would have to disagree. The two popular bagel options offered in Westport are the cafes, Bagel Maven and Village Bagels.

Bagel Maven has been renting out the same store space since 1990, and after closing briefly in September 2014 because of issues with their lease, they opened again a little more than 2 months later. Happy customers then flocked back to the establishment to get their morning bites.

Brendan Lynch ’20 was one of those happy customers.

“Bagel Maven is right on the way to school on Post Road making it an easy place to stop for good bagels every time,” Lynch said.

The rest of Westport’s bagel consumers instead choose to go to the local cafe, Village Bagels. Not only offering bagels, their establishment also offers many different breakfast and lunch options.

Georgia Wright ‘19, doesn’t eat bagels often, but when she does, she makes her way to Village Bagels because “There’s a nice atmosphere in Village Bagels and their bagels are fresh.”