Sun Reflexology Provides Stress Relief for Staples Students


Sun Reflexology opened up its first site at 1543 Post Road East in Westport, CT in 2011. After the major success and demand for this place, the owners decided to open up a second establishment on 877 Post Road East on December 11th, 2015. Hannah Sun, daughter of owners Terry and Jason Sun, explained that they are doing very well.

The Suns decided to open a reflexology establishment because Terry is certified as a reflexology and massage therapist. She knows how the business operates and loves what it does for people. They opened in Westport because they “enjoyed the town and the people and felt like this was great place to open their business.”

Reflexology is the application of different pressures on the feet but could also be on the hands or the ears. Modern reflexology is based off healing practices from ancient Egypt and China. Although reflexology is not meant to diagnose or cure any illnesses, people around the world use it to help with asthma, anxiety, headaches, cancer symptoms, sinus problems, and cardiovascular issues. In a medical study conducted by doctors Nancy L.N. Stephenson, Sally P. Weinrich, and Abbas S. Tavakoli, over a three month period, patients with breast and lung cancer experienced a significant decrease in both anxiety and pain as a result of daily reflexology.

According to the Sun Reflexology brochure, “The reflexologist views the hands and feet as a mirror image of the entire body and every organ.” After being asked about what special skills were needed to give reflexology and what kind of training the employees had, Sun explained, “Some of the employees go to school for reflexology, and others were apprentices to these leaders.”

It is recommended by professionals across the world that you should consult your doctor before getting any kind of massage. With reflexology specifically, if you have foot ulcers, an injury, blood clots, or pregnant, reflexology may not be safe. Specialists are trained to connect your body through your feet, but they do not feel comfortable doing that if there is a health issue Sun explained.

The Sun Reflexology establishments not only offer foot reflexology, but they also offer a variety of spa services. These include head massage, chair massage, aromatherapy massage, swedish massage, deep tissue massage, four hands massage, and hot stone massage. These services are offered on average between 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Prices range anywhere from $10 to $110 depending on the type of massage and for how long the customer wants it for. Their most popular service is the traditional foot reflexology, but the Swedish Massage is a close second according to Sun.

Hallie Spear ’18 an avid customer of Sun Reflexology. “Anytime I am stressed or upset I love to go to reflexology. They make you feel very comfortable and happy.”

Sun explained that that’s the goal. “Body circulation relieves stress, the foot is connected to other parts of your body which shares information about how your feeling. It’s supposed to be very calming.”

Abigail Miller ’17 agrees. “I go every Sunday,” said Miller ’17. “It gets me through the week knowing that I am going to have a relaxing foot or back massage”