Fashion for a Cause club sews its way through Staples

Fashion for a Cause club sews its way through Staples

Julia Rosier, Sports Editor

As the Fashion for a Cause Club sews its way through Staples, the students of the club design their future through their numerous ideas and creations to support the Dress for Success Foundation. As a new club to Staples this year, the Fashion for a Cause club has already planned their first fashion show event in May as well as designs for creations.

Emerson Kobak ’18 created the club due to her love for fashion and design. “Coming to Staples and seeing the lack of any fashion related classes and clubs made me realize that I would have to bring fashion to Staples,” Kobak said.

The club meets once per week to plan out their first annual fashion show that will take place at Toquet Hall on May 13, 2016. “The club consists of very dedicated members who are willing to put in such an amazing effort to prepare for our show in the spring,” Kobak said

The majority of the “creation process” for each article of clothing is completed outside of school by the club’s passionate and devoted designers. The designers have also created accessories such as hair clips, hair bows and bracelets which were sold to students to support the Pink Aid charity.

Alessandra Nagar ’18 is a very dedicated member to the Fashion for a Cause club. “I’ve always been extremely interested in fashion…I wanted to start learning how to sew and to actually work with fashion,” Nagar said.

Evyn Krawitz ’18 has had a mind for fashion for as long as she can remember. “I love it [the club] because we are creating great fashion for a cause which brings all the members together,” Krawitz said.

The members of the club generate inspiration from magazines such as Vogue and Glamour, Pinterest, websites and fashion around our community.

“I think that’s the best thing about fashion, that there’s no one ‘type’ of it, it varies completely for each person and what they’re feeling,” Nagar said.