Fair scores a spot on varsity field hockey

Fair scores a spot on varsity field hockey

Izzy Ullman, Features Editor

While Elle Fair ’19 can be spotted on the field by her blonde ponytail and her white lululemon headband, her modest personality would never reveal that she is the only freshman on girls varsity field hockey.  

“I have loved playing field hockey ever since fifth grade,” Fair smiled. “I played at my old school called Our Lady of Fatima where my mom was the coach.”

Not only is field hockey in her blood, but Fair carries a sense of enthusiasm which her coaches and teammates value greatly.

“On and off the field her bubbly effervescence and her work ethic comes to mind when thinking about her best skills,” Ian Tapsall, the varsity girls field hockey coach said. “Her seamless transition into the team is admirable.”

According to captain Gillian Rozynek ’16, one of Fair’s best qualities is that she never gives up, even when she is “exhausted.”

“Fair has the ability to keep pushing and support all of the other teammates on the field,” Rozynek said.

Aside from being a supportive teammate, fair is a very versatile athlete, as noted by Tapsall,“A player with that capability makes my job a lot easier.”

However, field hockey is not the only sport Fair excels in with her hardworking personality and innate athleticism.

“For me, field hockey is tied with basketball and lacrosse in terms of how much I like them,” she said. “I’m really excited for basketball season coming up, and I’m probably going to get the ball in my hand as much as possible to before tryouts.”

Although Fair has a deep passion for the sports she plays, she sometimes gets sick of always being known as “the girl who plays field hockey,” or “the basketball girl.”

“My favorite class in school is definitely English and I want to get as involved as possible this year, and maybe even join a writing club,” she said. “I love the feeling of submitting a paper, and knowing that it was all my work that I did.”

One of Fair’s closest friends and classmates, Grace Roseme ’19, testified to the fact that Fair places a lot of value in her school work. “Elle goes above and beyond to get achieve the scores she wants,” Roseme said. “She is also able to manage her grades on top of sports which is really impressive.”  

As for Fair’s future in sports, she isn’t positive if field hockey is the sport she wants to pursue in college, but she is interested in playing one of the three sports. “As of now, I just need to see how this year plays out and just try to enjoy freshman year without worrying about college or the future.”