Humans of Staples

Emerson Kobak ’18 struts her homemade first day of school outfit.

Emerson Kobak ’18 struts her homemade first day of school outfit.

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The typical Westport teen outfit can be found anywhere throughout the halls of Staples: A Brandy Melville top, Lulu Lemon leggings and bleach white converse seems to be the go-to apparel for any high school girl, except one. Sophomore student Emerson Kobak ’18 makes her statement by wearing homemade clothing and is becoming a known trendsetter.

Q: What got you interested in fashion?

I have loved fashion ever since I was little. When I was about five or six, my grandma taught me how to hand sew and I fell in love with it. Ever since then I have been sewing, drawing and creating.

Q: What do you want to do when you grow up. How do you want to pursue your passion?

I would like to be a fashion designer. My dream job is to have my own line and create clothes for celebrities to wear to events such as award shows, Met Gala, etc.

Q: What differentiates yourself from the normal Staples student?

I am different from many normal Staples students because I have known what I want to become since I was a kid. There are also very few kids who are interested in fashion. I love making my own clothes so I can be different from everyone else.

Q: How is your fashion style unique?

My fashion style is unique because I like to take risks and I really take the time to pick out what I am wearing because I enjoy it. A huge factor of my unique fashion style is designing and making a lot of what I wear. I get to create my fashion style on a different level than shopping (although I do that too!).

Q: What made you want to start your fashion instagram and website?

I have been following fashion blogs for the longest time. I was so excited when I finally made my own blog ( last year. I love sharing what I make and anything about fashion. Blogging about fashion is a way to share the things I love with people who feel the same way or just want to see. I started my fashion instagram to share my designs on social media.

Q: Who is your mentor/fashion idol?

There are so many to name. If I had to choose one mentor it would be Coco Chanel. She inspires me because she started from nothing and became such an amazing designer. Some other designers I love are: Marchesa, Zuhair Murad, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli and many more.

Q: What do you think your signature look is?

I do not think I have just one signature look. I like to dress whimsically, chic and edgy.

Q: How do you incorporate your fashion talent in school?

Last year I made costumes for Staples Players and I went every day after school to work on making them. This year I am co crew head of costumes. I am also working to create a fashion club which I need members for! I would like the club to make things once a week then have a fashion show at the end of the year.