In a sticky situation: Students uniquely adorn laptops and phones


Taylor Burg, Staff Writer

It used to be you knew what a person liked to do by having a conversation with them. These days, after walking into a classroom and seeing someone’s laptop, you can tell what sports they play, what music they like and anything else they are into just by looking at the stickers on their laptop case.

For example, just by glancing at her laptop, you can tell that Elizabeth Mitas ’16 listens to Christina Aguilera, is interested in science, plays soccer and is a part of the Best Buddies Club.

For Mitas, putting stickers on her laptop case was a great way to customize her laptop. “I didn’t like how my laptop looked like everybody else’s laptop, and I wanted to personalize it,” Mitas said.

Mitas says she gets some of her favorite stickers at Brandy Melville, a store downtown.

For other students, it’s not as much about the style as it is about the memories from where they got the sticker.

For example, Mackenzie Wood ’16 loves collecting stickers to put on her laptop and says she has around 10. “My camp one is my favorite,” Wood said. “It means the most to me, and the colors are cute.”

Jordan Ragland ’16 also decorates her laptop with stickers from every place she goes. She has stickers from Okemo Ski Mountain and Mount Washington. “Every time I look at it, I remember the time I climbed Mount Washington,” Ragland said. “It’s nice to have it so I remember the accomplishment.”

If just for decoration or to remember all the places you have been, personalizing your laptop is a great way to show off what you love and what you do.