Students Spill their Favorite Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating

Alexa Di Luca, Staff Writer

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Although Staples students are in high school, their eyes still light up with excitement as Halloween rolls around. Since Halloween is the one night that allows teenagers to pretend that they are little kids, they want to make the most out of it by trick or treating in their favorite neighborhoods.

One neighborhood that many students like to go trick or treating in is Gault Park Drive.

Caroline Lane ’16 said that this is her favorite location because she “always runs into friends and the whole street is really festive.”

Bella Purcell ’15 agrees that this is the best place because there is “ [a] ton of energy” in this neighborhood that shows everyone is really spirited.

Another area that many students like to go trick or treating at is Compo Beach.

Greg Hellman ’17 explained that he likes this location because most of the “families [give out] bigger chocolate bars.”

Even though these areas are popular among many students, there are others that enjoy going to more low key neighborhoods.

For example, Sammy Phillips ’15 prefers side streets, like Oak Street and Otter Trail. Since “a lot of people go to the beach or Gault, the side streets aren’t crowded at all,” she concluded.