April Fools Day at Staples


Graphic by Alex Zuckerman

In February we celebrate love, in July we celebrate America’s birthday, and in April we celebrate the creativity and humor of practical jokes. April Fools’ Day is the only day of the year that allows people to prank each other with the excuse, “April Fools!” These two words will echo through Staples, followed by laughter and possibly some tears. The following are some of the pranks that students in the past have executed.

Playing pranks on your teachers are risky but Jennie Blumenfeld ‘15 seemed to pull it off. Her 8th grade math class hooked up a mouse to the Smart board and while the teacher was trying to teach a lesson, someone would write something on the board. Blumenfeld said, “the whole class was laughing because [the teacher] had no idea what was going on.” Afterward the teacher was a good sport and laughed it off because, after all, it was April Fools’ Day.

Sibling misfortune is definitely the most rewarding. Lily Barsanti and Cassie Feldman ’14 fooled their twin brothers when all four of them were having a sleepover by setting their alarm clocks for school to 2:00 AM instead of 7:00 AM. They remembered the boys frantically running around the house getting ready for school not realizing that it was the middle of the night.

Andrew Felman ’14 also played a joke on his brother by putting a full cup of water between the top of the doorframe and the wall so when his brother opened it, he got soaked. “It’s a classic,” Felman said chuckling.

These past pranks set high expectations for this year as students prepare their own. But, some students may not be taking part in the festivities. Meghan Lonergan ’14 thinks the whole idea of April Fools’ Day is lame. Lonergan said, “It’s overrated—everything has been done before.”

On the other hand, Matty Campbell ’13 is excited because he loves “getting the opportunity to mess with people. It’s so much fun.