You’ll Be In My Heart

You’ll Be In My Heart

Generally, February can be a difficult month because it’s still winter, teachers are cramming in homework before the break, and the snow days are making students crazy since  they don’t want to lose days from the summer.

However, in the grand scheme of things, there is something that masks all of these stressors: Valentine’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday!” Tracy Boyer’15 said.

According to Don Prior’14, it is a day to dedicate and show appreciation to the people whp you love and for whom your thankful.

“Since love is built from actions, you could play someone a musical piece or give them a gift,” Prior’14 said.

However, when you would think that V-Day would be about boyfriends and girlfriends, they’re not the only ones who celebrate this holiday.

Lexy Iannacone’15 said, “V-Day is about spending time with those who are special to you, whether you have a significant other or whether you just enjoy the holiday with family and friends.”

Another reason why people look forward to this holiday is because they’re hoping that their crush will become official.

“Of course, my ideal Valentine’s Day is spending it with the people I love. But inside your heart, you’re also hoping that your crush will come talk to you on that special day,” Boyer’15 said.

On the other hand, for most teenage boys, it is all about the ladies and chocolate.“My favorite part is when I have collected all my ladies for the day and then eat lots of chocolate,” William Englehart’14 said.

It turns out, even parents like to make their little Valentine’s feel special.

“I never really do anything special, but my mom always makes me and my sisters a Valentine’s Say box of candy and small gifts, and I always wear pink and red,” Ruby Steinberg ’14 said.

For this year, Valentine’s Day is on a week day and that may change people’s plans for tonight.

“It definitely won’t be as fun because it is on a week day. Nevertheless, my husband and I always have a lovely dinner out, a lot of family cards, and do surprises for each other,” Robin Stiles said.

Now, let’s not forget that V-Day is also about showing our love for food!

“I get heart shaped ravioli and we get a special brand of chocolate that is heart-shaped to have at home because it is so busy at restaurants,” Julia Roberts said.

Of course, all of the departments and buildings care about Valentine’s Day.

“We put decorations, posters, and books in the library to celebrate V-Day in school,” Chris Garrity said.

So, no matter what, Valentine’s Day means  there will always be someone or something special in your heart.