5 Things to Look Forward to After the Holiday Season

1. Dances. Girls wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare themselves for the magical nights of Counties and Red and Whites. They spend hundreds of dollars on makeup, hair, dresses, shoes, etc. Some people wonder though, is it really worth it in the end? Senior Grace Garrity says, “Counties was amazing. Like actually so perfect, it just makes me ten times more excited for Red and Whites.”

2. February break. Now that the franticness of the holiday season has passed, future days off from school can be spent relaxing by the fire, cuddling up with a book, or watching reruns of a favorite TV series. Senior Matty Campbell says, “Yeah I love February break, I think it comes at a good time in the year when everyone really needs it.” No more hours will be spent trapped in long lines at the mall for last minute gifts, or slaving away in the kitchen for a holiday dinner. February break is the optimal vacation for relaxation, and it’s encouraging to look forward to during the stress of midterms.

3. The end of Midterms. Although the actual midterm tests themselves are not something to look forward to, finishing that last midterm and placing that number two pencil onto the desk is one of the best feelings of the school year. Students can’t help but spend all first semester dreading midterms, but after getting through them, it will be time to celebrate. This is especially true for freshmen at Staples who are handling the stress of midterms for their first time. Freshman Maddie Gray says, “I’m just really stressed right now so when midterms are over i’ll be really relieved but I think still tired”

4. Valentine’s Day. This day stands alone in the month of February, away from the rush of the major holiday season. Although these festivities target the lovers of the world, Valentine’s day is still fun for any singletons out there. In elementary school, it meant a card from at least 15 classmates, often with a lollipop attached. Although 15 lollipops isn’t a guarantee at Staples, most students are bound to come across at least one yummy treat, and any day with free candy is a day to look forward to.

5. Sports. Now that the winter sports season is almost halfway through, Staples athletes can get prepared for the spring season. Varsity lacrosse player Jenna McNicholas says, “I’ve been waiting all year to get back with my team. We’re like a family, It’s awesome.” Springtime is also much more forgiving for all of the superfans of Staples. McNicholas says, “Yeah I think weather definitely plays a factor in the turnout at our games. It’s pretty warm by the middle of the season, so sitting up on the hill at Ginny Parker watching a game is really nice.”