Top 10 Ways to Spend Winter Break

Top 10 Ways to Spend Winter Break

Winter break is quickly approaching and the countdown has officially begun. An entire week off from the hectic halls of Staples High School is a dream come true for most Staples students. Here’s what they think are the 10 best ways to spend Winter Break:

1. Keep up New Year’s resolutions! Or at least until break is over, because the return to school makes the common resolution of eating healthy ten times harder. It’s those pesky cafeteria cookies…

2. Ice skating at Longshore skating rink. With adequate winter weather gear, ice skating is a blast, and the best part about Longshore is that they have a steaming cup of hot cocoa waiting in their heated sitting area as a reward for all that impressive skating.

3. Braving the sledding hills at Winslow Park. Jack Scott ‘14 says, “I go to Winslow Park every break. It’s a tradition for me and my brother, it will never get old.” Low hanging limbs and packs of unleashed dogs make the experience thrilling.

4. Movies, movies, and more movies. Whether it’s Christmas themed, Hanukkah themed, or even Columbus day themed, any movie will do. Winter break is the time to cuddle up in a favorite blanket, watching as many movies as possible.

5. Rearranging a closet or bedroom. Elizabeth Colwell ‘14 swears, “Although this doesn’t sound very exciting, I do it every break. It’s life saving.” Time is of the essence for Staples students, and having finally gotten it behind them will eliminate stress when it’s time to go back to school.

6. Make a massive fire (with parent or guardian permission, of course). A cozy night spent by the fireplace is unforgettable. Top the night off with a steaming cup of hot cocoa and another movie!

7. Resurrect old video games. Yes, maybe high schoolers seem a little old to be playing Mario Kart for Wii every day, but that’s why the Board of Education gives them Winter Break! They know that there isn’t enough time to play video games with all the school work, so they scheduled a week to catch up on fun. So considerate of them.

8. Repeating the words “egg nog” at a holiday party, according to Cassie Feldman, ‘14, who says, “Try it, it’s fun. Eggnog.”

9. On a beach in the Caribbean. For those who are lucky enough to get away, this time to relax and work on a killer tan is the perfect way to spend break.

10. And lastly, studying for midterms! Ha… no. Any school work or educational material should be completely ignored. Heck, might as well toss it into that cozy fire.