Q&A With Elliott Landon

For the past twelve years Dr.Elliot Landon has served as superintendent of the Westport public schools. Although many are familiar with his policies, very few know the real Elliott Landon. When the clock strikes five, Landon leaves the office behind and lets his real life begin. The following questions give insight into the life of Elliott Landon, the man behind the desk.

Q: Do you watch any T.V shows religiously?

A: “None religiously.  When I have the time, I particularly like NCIS, Person of Interest, the Chris Matthews Show and Meet the Press.”


Q: What is the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

A: “Several years ago I visited St. Petersburg and Moscow, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Talinn, and Berlin.”


Q: What’s your favorite movie? 

A: “The Graduate.”


Q: Do you have a favorite professional team or player?

A: “Derek Jeter is my favorite sports figure because he demonstrates leadership, compassion, and intelligence both in his professional and personal lives.  My favorite sport is baseball, and I have had a long-standing affection for the New York Yankees.”


Q: What’s your favorite food? 

A: “Italian food, whatever it may be.”


Q: What is your favorite thing to do over the weekend? 

A: “Theater, movies, dining, and reading for pleasure.”


Q: What is the most rebellious thing you have ever done?

A: “Too many to recount.”


Q: What was your dream job as a child?

A: “To play for the New York Yankees.”


Q:  If you were an animal what animal would you be and why?

A: “A tiger because it is fast and powerful.”


Q:  What is your biggest fear?

A: “That mankind will destroy itself through its own stupidity.”


Q: Do you have a hidden talent? If so what is it?

A: “I can act and sing, but I cannot dance as well as Mr.  Dodig did when he joined the cast of ‘How to Succeed.’”


Q: What is something that no one knows about you?

A: “During one summer I worked as a sanitation worker for the New York City Parks Department.”


Q: What is the best gift you have ever received and who was it from?

A: “A Schwinn Black Phantom bicycle, given to me as a birthday present from my favorite uncle.”


Q: What is the number one thing on your bucket list?

A: “To see all my grandchildren successfully graduate from college.”