The Joyride

Molly Barreca, Opinions Editor

It’s 7:05, and as many buses roll into Staples, many cars without junior parking stickers roll into the parking lot at Wakeman. For some, this becomes the beginning of the odyssey of walking to school. For others, it is time to board their Razor scooters and ride off into the sunrise.

It seems simple. But the art of scootering from Wakeman each morning is much more than just a joy ride.

The trend started about three weeks into school, when many junior boys were particularly fed up with the long walk each day, so they took matters into their own hands.

Many boys resurrected their scooters from their garages and attics to use as a faster and easier way to get to school each morning. Some juniors also brought out their longboards as a mode of transportation.

“I’d heard of kids doing it in the past, and I figured if it was faster I may as well try it,” said Henry Dumke ’13. 

Soon enough, some junior girls were also spotted riding scooters as well.

“I don’t know why most girls don’t scooter, it’s fun and walking can get so boring,” said Siri Andrews ’13, a junior girl who can often be spotted scootering each morning.

Each day, more and more juniors open their trunks and pop open their collapsible scooters in preparation for the five-to-seven minute scooter ride, which is relatively flat. This makes for optimal scootering conditions.

Weather is not an issue for these dedicated riders. Whether the sky is pouring down buckets of rain or the car thermostat reads 100 degrees, they will continuously use their trusty Razors and push off towards Staples.

“I’m out there riding, rain or shine,” said Eli Andrew ‘13.

Those who don’t scooter have an admiration for their peers that choose to ride to Staples by way of scooter.

“I don’t think I could pull it off… I’d probably fall. It’s also annoying to carry around a scooter and keep it in your car every day.” said Courtney Babbin ’13.

With the junior parking lottery over, some juniors were finally able to kiss their scooters goodbye. For those who weren’t lucky enough to receive a coveted junior parking sticker, watch out for them zooming around Wakeman on a Razor scooter.