Snowy Days Bring Wishful Prays

Snowy Days Bring Wishful Prays

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Julia Sharkey ’13
Staff Writer

Rumor had it the first real snow was supposed to fall on Dec. 16, which gave students hope for a possible snow day. Students hoped to wake up to the shrill sound of the telephone ringing, and the message of the school cancellation on the line.

Tierney Bannon ’11 is one of the many students who are now under the spell of snowdays.

“I wake up. Turn on my phone. Hit the button. And call the snowline immediately,” she said about her snow day routine.

Many students question whether or not to finish their work the day before a possible snow day. Most figure it will be due in two days and decide to do it all the next day. However, this method is faulty because the weather doesn’t always turn out as planned.

“I never do my homework when its snowing because I’m am so fixated on the snow and there are so many other things I’d rather do than my homework, like playing black ops,” said Henri Rizack ’14.

However, there are still students whose mindset does not change until the information is accurate regarding whether or not there is a snow day.

“If I don’t do my homework and we do have school…then I’m [in a tricky situation].” Frankie Lynch ‘13

Many students get ahead in work and productively use the day off. But, as soon as the students take a glance outside of their frosted windows, it quickly puts them back to sleep.

The white sparkling crystals falling cause many students to sink back under their unmade sheets and when they awake they come to find that they cannot see out of their slightly frosted windows anymore and the snow pile on their outdoor furniture has risen.

“I plan on doing work, ensure myself that I will do work, intend to do work, but come to senses with myself that I’ll do nothing,” said Emily Greenberg ’13.

As students glide through the day putting off the work till the last minute, they sit around watching re-runs of old shows and sip hot chocolate curled up in a blanket. Jess Russ ’11 likes to spend her day by staying in her flannel red and white pajamas all day.

Another tip of procrastination can be gathered by Greenberg: “ I’ll be up by 7:30 am on a snow day, curled up under my blankets with a Jane Austin book.”

Clearly, students use this day to do whatever they please and feel that it is completely worth making up the days in June.

However, Superintendent Elliot Landon does not have the same mindset when it comes to snow days.

Students oftentimes get frustrated when other towns surrounding us have a snow day but Westport doesn’t. Many wonder why other schools are closed and Westport is not, even if it snowed just as much here. However, Dr. Elliot Landon said that he does not allow other towns decisions to change or influence his own.

He also incorporated that he uses this day to do work, which is just the opposite of students like Ryan Panny ’12 do, who said, “If I think it will be a snow day, I basically do what I do on a Saturday night!”