Some Students Create Group Halloween Costumes

Some Students Create Group Halloween Costumes

Dana Rappaport ’11
Web Managing Editor

Triple intelligence: In 2008, Amanda Pacilio ’12, Annabel Burchill ’12, and Zoe Greenblatt ’12 dressed up as nerds for Halloween.

On Oct. 31 many will stray from their usual jean-sweatshirt garb into attire closely resembling Cleopatra or Elvis. Many students may stray from individual cosumes and participate in a group or couple costume with their friends.

“I do group costumes because it makes [Halloween] more fun to be something with your friends,” Kelley Hussey ’11 said.

In the past Hussey has been a part of the Wizard of Oz crew. Although Hussey is not sure about what she would like to dress up as this year, in the future she would “like to get together 101 people to be 101 Dalmatians.” However Hussey is not the only one thinking on a large scale.

Even though Steven Denowitz ’11 has never been apart of a group costume before, he advocates for a group costume featuring even more people than Hussey.

“I think 150 people should each be one of the 150 original Pokémon,” Denowitz said.

Denowitz believes that if the costume ideas are relatively original, they definitely work out well.

“I think that being part of a group can definitely make dressing up a lot less awkward; if everyone dresses really stupidly together you don’t feel alone,” Denowitz said.

Kristen Weiler ’11 and Jessie Ambrose ’12 are amongst other students who enjoy the excitement group costumes bring to the haunting holiday.

“It’s more fun to get together with people and coordinate outfits rather than making a costume by yourself,” Weiler ’11 said.

Ambrose, who has been apart of a Power Rangers group and a Spice Girls group, prefers sharing Halloween with her friends.

“It’s inevitable that on Halloween you are going to be made fun of for what you’re wearing, so I might as well just have my friends go down with me” Ambrose, who wore shorts over neon leggings for her Power Ranger costume, said.

Another plus for group costumes is that they can be cheaper than an individually bought costume.

One Halloween Weiler and her friends got together and created their own domino costumes. “[We] wore all black, put on black face make-up, and cut white circles and white lines out of oak tag poster board and taped them to our bodies,” Weiler said.

Weiler said she had more fun making the costume with her friends than she would have if she had bought one. However, there are students who prefer to do just the opposite, as some have simply grown out of doing group costumes.

“The last time I was in a group for Halloween I was a Power Ranger and seven-years-old,” Robbie Wolf ’12 said.

To others, Halloween is the one holiday where they can dress however they desire.

“In the past I didn’t like doing costumes alone but this I am going to try something new,” Amanda Keiser ’12 said.

Anna Fiolek ’13 agrees with Kesier and wants to do Halloween on her own opposed to being held back by a group decision.

“I am looking forward to dressing up alone this year because my friends and I will get to choose costumes that we all love and we won’t have to go through the trouble of everyone agreeing on one costume,” Fiolek said. This Halloween, Fiolek is considering on dressing up as an Egyptian whereas Keiser would like to dress up as a flapper.

Whether flying solo or participating in a group, it is clear that Halloween is a guaranteed night of outrageous costumes and fun for everyone.