Jacob Meisel, the Aspiring Weather Man


The front page of Meisel’s weather-predicting website.

Stevie Klein ’12
Web Features Editor

The front page of Meisel's weather-predicting website.
The front page of Meisel's weather-predicting website.

From a young age until now, Jacob Meisel ’13 could not help but be intrigued by lightning; it’s power and its mystery. From then on he realized that he had a passion for exploring weather.

“I lived in Los Angeles where the weather was normally calm, so I loved visiting Cape Cod because of the storms and constantly changing weather,” said Meisel.

Following his passion, Meisel attended a weather camp at Penn State University, which is known for its weather programs and consists of the top scientists and experiments. Everyday the campers made forecasts based on weather models. A weather model is a computer program that forecasts future precipitation type and amount, wind strength and speed, temperature, and more. At Penn State, a model is made by taking the average of 20 different models with slightly different scenarios to come to a final forecast.

Meisel’s idea to start a weather blog stemmed from his mother. She started a blog about musicals through mobile-me, and he decided to make his own at the Apple store for $99.00 a year.

He started the blog last March, and it has been active since October. But, since Westport has yet to experience any snowstorms, Meisel’s blog has not been as active. However, it is year round.

“When there are snowstorms, I update the site with to-the-minute information about whether school will be cancelled,  and how many inches [of snow] there will be,” said Meisel.

Meisel’s blog consists of forecasts that he predicted himself, as well as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

“NOAA knows when models are right or askew,” said Meisel on why the sight is so trusting.

Meisel uses NOAA’s reports as well as making his own because, as he admits, “I’m still only 14. That’s why I compare the information I have to NOAA, so that I can see what’s true.”

The site also includes links to other weather websites including NOAA, and descriptions on the accuracy of the sites.

Meisel also noted that School Superintendent, Dr. Elliot Landon, uses the less accurate Accuweather for his weather updates.

“Sometimes the predictions are dead on, but sometimes they are completely off,” said Meisel, “They don’t follow the weather channel or NOAA.”

So remember, next time when sitting in bed praying for the cancellation of school the morning after a heavy snowstorm, don’t forget to check out web.me.com/westportweatherwiz for consistent updates from the weather whiz himself.