Avril Lavigne returns to pop-punk world with powerful new hit ‘Bite Me’


Graphic by Shira Zeiberg '22

Avril Lavigne puts out her new single “Bite Me” with a mighty twist on an unfortunate breakup. For her new album she signed under singer/drummer Travis Barker’s DTA Records label.

Shira Zeiberg '22, Outreach Manager

Avril Lavigne is back and better than ever with her new single “Bite Me,”  with singer, drummer and DTA Records label head Travis Barker. On Friday Nov. 10, Lavigne released her first single for her soon to be album. ​​The song also features a cameo from Omer Fedi, who plays guitar on the track, and shares songwriting credit with Lavigne and producers Barker, John Feldmann and MOD SUN. 

Lavigne seems to always lean back into the tune that made young fans once fall in love with her. Her music remains consistent in genre pop punk and is what keeps her standing out from others. 

“Bite Me” gives us an upbeat tune and lyrics many can relate to. The song is about someone who comes back wanting a second chance after they messed up. It seems as though she has gone through a bitter breakup and revenge is what she seeks, and that only.

Her song is about knowing your self worth, standing up for yourself and not letting others take advantage of you. Her lyrics say, ‘You know what, you didn’t treat me right. You didn’t treat me well, and that doesn’t work for me. So baby, you can bite me.’

She has always been a fan favorite and her whole personality keeps us listening.”

— Shira Zeiberg '22

Her voice is crisp and powerful, making her sound as if she hasn’t aged a day since she dropped her first song “Complicated” in 2002. She has always been a fan favorite and her whole personality keeps us listening. I admire how she keeps her brand consistent while still keeping us on our toes. 

The singer has yet to announce the release of her upcoming album. However, in an interview with Billboard she said, “The majority of the record is fast, in your face. It’s the most alternative record front to back that I’ve ever made. I just really didn’t want any ballads, I just wanted rock n’ roll and pop-funk.” 

The song is pretty much a hit with an instantly memorable scream-along chorus. She is the punk rock princess we all need and love, and her music will never get old.