‘Let It Snow’ kicks off holiday season right


Photo by Shira Zeiberg ’22

Let it snow came out on Nov. 8 and gives its audience a fascinating holiday drama. It can be found on Netflix and is produced by Netflix as well.

Shira Zeiberg ’22

Ditch the pumpkins and go grab your hot chocolate as holiday movies commence. On Nov. 8, “Let it Snow” was released on Netflix and gave us another romantic holiday miracle movie. The movie is directed by Luke Snellin and is based in a snowy town on a festive Christmas Eve bringing many together to celebrate the joyous holiday.
With friendships damaged, romances fledged and one pop star in trouble, the movie tells a story of its own.
The film is set on a snowy Christmas Eve, where two best friends, Tobin and Angie, spend the day with their older and busk college friend. Tensions rise as well as jealousy when fights brew which causes problems between the big group.
Dorrie, a worker at the Local Waffle Town restaurant, feels excited, when Tegan, a high school cheerleader, sits down for a meal with her fellow cheerleading friends. Their feelings for eachother sparked once again, leaving them unsure of what is to come. Dorrie is in a crunch with her best friend, Addie, who is convinced her boyfriend is cheating on her. She winds up spending the day riding around with “tin foil women,” a crazy woman who does not give reason to why she wears aluminum foil around her body.
Lastly, Julie Reyes and Stuart Bale cross paths. Julie is a smart girl, seeking to go to Columbia University, but her mother’s sickness is holding her back. Julie wants to live her dreams; however, she feels she must be there for her mom. Stuart is a pop star who is passing through the town and eventually gets stuck in the snow. The two quickly bond despite Julie’s carelessness for his money or fame.If you can’t relate to worrying that your significant other is cheating on you or how stressing over leaving your parents for life on your own? Or catching feelings for a friend?There’s something for each person to relate too in this movieThe movie relates to everyone’s lives and engaged its audience.
I thought the movie was definitely worth the watch. Although it was another Christmas movie, it gave us real like struggles of teenagers and had us on our toes. Unlike some Christmas movies, “Let it Snow” gave us many 21st century stories and dramas. It definitely grabbed my attention and kept me intrigued. Got to give this one to Snellin: his movie was amazing and looking forward to future productions.