Aquaman displays a dive into the future

Teddy Dienst ’20

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The balance between comedy and action is what made the science-fiction film, “Aquaman,” so intriguing. Released on Dec. 21, the PG-13 movie reels the audience in right from the beginning by showing us how the main character, Aquaman (Jason Momoa), got his powers.
The movie consisted of countless underwater fight scenes, as Aquaman was determined to take over the city of Atlantis and retrieve the lost trident of the original king, Atlan. Atlantis’ current leader King Orm (Patrick Wilson) banned Aquaman from Atlantis due to his desire for the lost trident. As the movie proceeds, the audience finds out that Aquaman and King Orm are half brothers, which adds a layer of intensity. The way production created an underwater world and used special effects like a tidal wave throughout the movie made it one of the best science fiction films I have seen. The intense and futuristic scenes in Aquaman reminded me of other action movies like “Interstellar” and “Deadpool.”
Director James Wan did a great job keeping the plot clear to the viewers, since so much was going on throughout the film. He also added a layer of light humor and funny jokes throughout a movie that was so serious, which was a nice touch.
Alongside Momoa’s Aquaman was Amber Heard, who played the role of Mera, Aquaman’s partner, and Patrick Wilson as King Orm. All these actors did a very good job; they made all the fight and action scenes look real, which made the movie a lot more enjoyable. Jason Momoa and Amber Heard had great chemistry while being partners, Heard made their relationship seem believable by creating drama. Patrick Wilson and Momoa kept the movie somewhat realistic even though many of the events were very futuristic.
Additionally, the soundtrack really added to the movie, giving it a lot of suspense, especially during the scene where Aquaman is fighting King Orm. Some of the songs were “Ocean to Ocean” by Pitbull and “Africa” by Toto.
The only downside of the movie was its length, Aquaman was two hours and 30 minutes which is too long in my opinion. The movie would have gotten a better rating and would have been more enjoyable if it was shorter. Aquaman received a 63 percent on the popular movie website Rotten Tomatoes. However, I believe that is a little too low of a rating to give this movie. I would give it 85 percent because the use of futuristic weapons and technology was unbelievable. I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was super advanced and interesting. If you want to see a movie filled with action and something that has a science fiction plot, “Aquaman” is your movie.

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