Pine Creek defines cheap and easy

Jake Navarro ’20

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Most high schoolers don’t have jobs and if they do, they don’t earn a lot. For a cheap and quick bite to eat, Pine Creek Deli offers the best options. Located on the border of Westport and Fairfield at 2120 Post Rd., Fairfield, Pine Creek offers an array of options from deli sandwiches to bacon egg and cheeses.
Pulling into the parking lot, there were tons of spots available. As I walked inside, I also noticed how large the building actually is, holding an immense seating area and a roomy waiting area. For a Monday afternoon, the deli was pretty busy.
According to the menu, they are known for their own unique sandwich, “The Shredder.” It is a double bacon, egg and cheese with sausage, home fries and hot sauce all between a hard roll, so I obviously ordered it.
In a matter of minutes, my order was ready. Walking to the cashier, I could smell the sandwich through the shiny tinfoil. The sandwich costs $4.45, which is a steal compared to other locations around Fairfield County.
As I sat down and opened the tinfoil, the steam flew right out of the sandwich, so after taking the first bite, my mouth immediately felt that it needed to cool down. Shortly after, I was able to appreciate how good the sandwich actually was. The bacon was crunchy, but not burnt. The eggs were yellow and fluffy, and the homefries added some crisp to the sandwich. It was also perfectly sized to quickly eat. Although the staff didn’t ask if I needed something more, they were able to make my food very fast.
If you are looking for a quick place to grab food, Pine Creek took a maximum of 10 minutes to be in and out. The food is also super cheap, making it more affordable for high schoolers.

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