Bohemian Rhapsody brings Queen back to life

Bohemian Rhapsody brings Queen back to life

Photo credit from 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

For those lucky enough to have attended a Queen concert, or even for those who have watched the band’s videos, the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which opened in theatres the weekend of Nov. 3, will transport you back in time

The movie celebrates the music of the band, Queen, and it’s frontman, Freddie Mercury as it takes the audience back to 1970 London, when the band first formed. The film captures the emotional journey of both the band’s rise to fame, and Freddie Mercury’s tumultuous life.

Robbie Malik stars as the theatrical and charismatic Queen lead singer, Freddie Mercury. Ben Hardy plays drummer, Roger Taylor, Joseph Mazzello is the bass guitarist, John Deacon and Gwilym Lee plays the lead guitarist, Brian May.

The actors so closely resemble the band members in look, and so adeptly in portrayal, that for the full two hours and 15 minutes, they bring Queen back to life. Robbie Malak beautifully captures Freddie Mercury’s singularly unique movements in a way that, at many points in the show, I forgot it was not actually Queen I was watching perform.

The film is full of touching scenes between Mercury and his bandmates showing the closeness of these friends. They refer to themselves as a family and it is evident from their music that they belong together in all of the love they put into their work.

This movie is a must see for fans of Queen, as you will be singing along throughout the movie to hit songs like, “We are the champions” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It is a great opportunity to introduce the music to a younger generation that will fall in love with their beautiful vocals and memorable lyrics.