NOT ‘Meant To Be’ Played

NOT ‘Meant To Be’ Played

By Emily Stone ’20

American singer and producer Bebe Rexha collaborated with country band Florida Georgia Line to release the song “Meant to Be”. Contrary to the public opinion, I don’t think that this collaboration was ‘meant to be’.

Though the rhythm is very catchy, the song itself is made up of the one “meant to be” lyric. I feel that the chorus line of the song is extremely repetitive, and on top of that it is repeated every other line.

The background music remains very similar throughout the song, and although that may allow the listeners to focus on the lyrics, it only accentuates the fact that the same chorus line is being repeated.

I’m not a huge fan of combining two different artists from two completely different genres of music. In this case Florida Georgia Line is a country band while Bebe Rexha is a pop artist. In general, I think that the contrasting voices produce a good tone, but the song and composition lacks range and variation.

Due to the fact that Rexha is more known for her pop-type voice in songs such as “In The Name Of Love” by Martin Garrix, I feel that her duet with Florida Georgia Line creates an incongruent style for the song.

I would suggest that Florida Georgia Line sing the song with someone of similar style, such as Taylor Swift. Swift could have provided the country style, a pop tone and a wider range- all of which were things that needed to be improved in this song. I think these changes would produce a more harmonious sound because Taylor is most known for her talents in many different areas of music, whereas Bebe Rexha does not have as wide of a range.