Mixtape Logic is back

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On March 9, Logic released the mixtape “Bobby Tarantino II”, the sequel to his 2016 mixtape “Bobby Tarantino”. It’s been 11 months since Logic has released a project, his last one being his second album “Everybody”. Fans are buzzing over the new release, describing “Bobby Tarantino II” as a taste of “old Logic”.

The mixtape starts with the song “Grandpas Spaceship”, a snippet from the Adult Swim cartoon “Rick and Morty”. It simultaneously serves as an ode to one of Logic’s favorites shows and touches on fans’ calls for another Logic mixtape. This transitions into the song “Overnight,” in which Logic raps about his built up success over a videogame-esquebeat. This is the only song on the mixtape that had a music video released for it, all of which was shot in Japan.

The overall feel for “Bobby Tarantino II” sharply contrasts with his last one. “Bobby Tarantino II” is more of a free flowing, energetic and care free Logic release. Instead of rapping about important social and health issues, as he did on his last album, Logic speaks about his rise to fame in a braggadocious way. The song “Wassup” featuring Detroit rapper Big Sean has the two artists exchanging verses flexing their wealth and achievements in the rap game. Logic goes as far to call out his label, Def Jam, who in the past has undershipped and underpromotted the Maryland rapper. “Wassup” is the best collaboration on the mixtape, possibly due to the fact that Big Sean and Logic have worked together on songs since his debut album in 2014. Their similar rapping style and flawless flow combined with a fast, bass heavy beat makes for one of the most entertaining songs on the mixtape.

“Warm It Up,” is another song in which Logic continues to deliver lyrics on lyrics on what feels like an old Logic beat. The song even has a feature by “Young Sinatra,” Logic’s alias commonly used at the beginning of his career. Some notable lyrics from the song include “They say they want the old me, they say they want the Young Sinatra back,” and “Listen yeah – I’m visualizing the realism of life in actuality,” which is a nod to a song from rapper Nas. More notable songs on the mixtape include “44 More” in which Logic flexes his lyrical ability over the span of 44 bars, and “Yuck” which Logic addresses how he handles feuds in the rap industry.

“Bobby Tarantino II” is a long awaited classic Logic mixtape. This mixtape appeals to a wide variety of rap listeners while still giving old Logic fans a throwback to his original work. The high tempo produced tracks combined with the catchy hooks, powerful collaborations and memorable lines produces a mixtape which is a treat for the rap community.