Spin off of ‘Jersey Shore’ coming on air in 2018

Spin off of ‘Jersey Shore’ coming on air in 2018

By Dana Perelberg ’20

If you’ve ever religiously followed the term ‘GTL’ (Gym, tan, laundry duh) or kept track of Snooki’s pregnancy, then you were probably disappointed when the popular reality show, “Jersey Shore” ended. Well a time without the constant utterance of relatable and iconic lines like “I don’t like tests. That’s why I didn’t go to college. Don’t test me, because I will fail a majority of the time,” is coming to an end because “Jersey Shore” is back!

A spin off of “Jersey Shore” is set to air sometime in 2018, however some people don’t seem to be too excited.

“I’m not [excited],” Sam Gold ’20 said. “I think the show, since it uses deceptive advertising tactics, it panders to the lowest common denominator.”

Gold himself has watched the show a few times but was never a frequent watcher.

“Look at the landscape on what it was like when the show first aired,” Gold said. “People aren’t watching MTV as much so trying to get the generation of 2017 middle schoolers and high schoolers to watch isn’t going to happen.”

Others agree with Gold, believing that the spots of the once popular stars have been taken by other reality show celebrities.

“I mean, yes, they’ve been replaced,” Ellie Baxt ’21 said. “They’ve been off air for awhile now and the Kardashians are rising up.”
This is but one of the reasons that people think that the spin off won’t have as much success as the original “Jersey Shore.”

“I never think spinoffs are going to be as successful because I feel like the first time around there’s an element of surprise that grabs the watchers,” Stella Corenthal ’21 said. “The second time around it’s not as interesting.”

The show has also been ridiculed for not including all of the cast members from the original show.

“People grow to love the characters and want to see them again and if they’re not there they won’t want to watch,” Corenthal said.

Though some aren’t all too enthused, there are still many viewers excited to see some of their favorites back on TV, many have posted on social media and responded positively to the show’s revival. After ‘Snooki’ posted on Instagram about the eight year anniversary of the show multiple people have left positive comments about the upcoming show, like the comment saying that “Jersey Shore never gets old or boring.”

“I’ve been waiting for it to come out,” Sophia Thomas ’19 said. “I’m excited to see how it’s going to be.”

Either way ‘Jersey Shore’ will be on air soon so make sure to “get your backwards cap” if you plan on watching.