Movie Review: WONDER


By Emily Stone ’20

Stephen Chbosky’s “WONDER” is possibly the most authentic, controversial movie of 2017. Embedded with real world issues, witty humor and an exemplary cast, this movie will leave you speechless. In order to fully understand the general plot, paying attention to both the narratives and the change in character perspectives is crucial.

Based on The New York Times bestselling novel, WONDER tells the story of August Pullman, also known as ‘Auggie’. August was born with multiple deformities, the most visible ones on his face. Due to his many surgeries and insecurities, August has always been homeschooled by his mother. In the movie, Auggie is entering the fifth grade at a local, competitive private school. The storyline takes the viewers through his journey of joining the mainstream educational system. The story itself is told in each character’s perspective. So, although it may seem like the same event was repeated, it’s actually just being told by a different character.

Throughout the movie, Chbosky reveals a larger issue of modern day bullying. August finds himself in a constant struggle of searching for acceptance of others and a sense of normality. During the movie, Auggie is constantly teased and tormented by another boy in his class. Although the vocabulary used by the fifth graders might be a bit impractical, the use of aggressive language appeals to all audiences.  

The energy produced by Jacob Tremblay (August) and Julia Roberts (Isabel), is undeniable, and the entertaining humor delivered by Owen Wilson (Nate) is enjoyable. Together, the cast confronts an uncomfortable and unspoken issue in one of the most honest ways. Something, American cinema has been deprived of.