Ariana Grande lights up Madison Square Garden


By Erin Lynch ’18

An explosion of screaming fans, flashing neon lights, and pounding beats echo through the large room in Madison Square Garden as Ariana Grande takes the stage. On Feb. 24 and 25, Grande performed at Madison Square Garden as part of her Dangerous Woman tour.

The concert opened with singer and dancer Victoria Monet, as well as hit pop band Little Mix. Monet’s lively performance left the audience on their toes and excited for the rest of the show to come. The more popular of the two openers, Little Mix, performed their three hit singles, “Wings,” “Black Magic” and “Shout out to my ex.” Their hip hop dancing and energetic songs had the crowd moving.

After the opening acts, the audience was excited and prepared for the well anticipated performance by Grande. There was a 30 minute interlude before Grande took the stage.

She opened with her song, “Be Alright” by rising up from the stage. The energy during the concert was high, and the audience enjoyed the lively performance by Grande, and her background dancers.

“Ariana Grande is so talented, you could tell she was singing live. She hit some really high notes that were definitely impressive,” said Marlo Von Der Ahe ’20.

Grande, with many hit singles, including “Dangerous Women,” “Side to Side,” “Problem,” “Break Free,” “Into you,” “Bang Bang” and “Love Me Harder,” had a set list that kept the audience entertained throughout the night.

Many really enjoyed it. “Ariana Grande’s performance changed my entire perspective on music as a whole and now I can’t stop listening to her music,” Zoe Julien ’20
Although an undeniable talent, and an entertaining performance, something was lacking.

It was not an absence of costume changes or special effects, but instead simple interaction with her fans. Many artists choose to have a heart to heart with their fans at some point during the show. Whether it be expressing their gratitude towards their loyal followers, sharing some of their childhood, or just telling a story, many artists have that conversation. Having been to many concerts, as a fan, that conversation is memorable. It makes the performer seem human.

There was nothing negative about Grande’s performance or effects, but on a more personal level, a little bit of that connection was lacking.