Go-to guide for the top movies to watch this holiday season

Go-to guide for the top movies to watch this holiday season

By Bailey Blaikie ’19


It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time for movie marathons. Choosing a favorite holiday movie is tough because there’s a plethora of favorites to binge watch. This movie guide will show you the best movies you should watch this season. Just sit back, make a warm cup of hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a blanket and get watching.




Elf is an iconic movie due to its humorous plot. Whenever someone brings up holiday movies, this is an immediate favorite. Elf is about a man who was born in the North Pole and is granted permission from Santa to go to New York City to find his father. You’re guaranteed to be laughing throughout the duration of the movie, and Will Ferrell is hilarious as a full-grown adult who acts like an elf. “I love Elf because it gets you into the Christmas spirit and gives you a good laugh,” Samantha Pacilio ’19 said.


Home Alone


Imagine this – you’re stuck in your house all alone while your whole family is on Christmas vacation. Even worse, someone is trying to rob your house. What do you do? Well, Kevin McCallister, an eight-year-old boy and the main character, attempts to bust the bandits. You’ll laugh and maybe even cry during Home Alone, but the balance of happiness and sadness makes this a favorite Christmas classic. Lauren Chasnow ’17, said, “Home Alone puts me in the Christmas mood and is really heartwarming.”


The Polar Express


Compared to the other choices, The Polar Express isn’t as light-hearted. Although it is animated, it is not like any other typical movie. Nick Rossi ’19 said, “I enjoy the soundtrack and the storyline. Even though it’s animated, it’s still really very emotional.” The film is about a young boy who embarks on a train ride to the North Pole which teaches him an important lesson of, “bravery, friendship, and the spirit of Christmas,” according to IMDb.


Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, you’re bound to enjoy one of these movies. The humor, happiness and excitement is what makes all of these movies the top holiday films. They will without a doubt put you in the winter and holiday spirit, and get you ready for the upcoming season.