Batman vs. Superman is the Dawn of Disappointment

Batman vs. Superman is the Dawn of Disappointment

Hannah Bjorkman, Staff Writer

I came out of the movie theater angry. Growing up in a household where superheroes, comics and graphic novels are as much a part of our family conversations as politics, this movie was an event.

Unfortunately, like many political events recently, this event went off the rails from the start. And the movie never recovered.

You have Batman versus Superman. Wow. Lex Luthor — a legendary super-villain is here. Wonder Woman shows up — who hasn’t been waiting for THAT?! And (no spoilers here) some other Justice Leaguers are out there waiting for their movie. You’ve even got a truly kick-ass Lois Lane.

Have you noticed I haven’t discussed the plot?

That’s because there isn’t a plot, only a series of nearly inexplicable scenes tied together by our collective knowledge of these iconic heroes. If aliens landed they could be forgiven for being confused. I hope they watch Harry Potter instead.
Given I hated this movie I wanted to love, here’s a few parting shots.

Ben Affleck is not my Batman. I heart Christian Bale.

Superman is hot but he should go fight the screenwriters for making him act like Lois Lane’s loser boyfriend.

Wonder Woman deserves better than this hot mess — women everywhere should be furious at one dimensional pseudo empowered feminism they threw her way.
Not cool boy’s, not cool.

Lex Luthor owes Joe Smith a hug for making him the coolest character in the film but he should join up with the superheroes and go attack the writers too for making him look stupid not brilliant. At least HE didn’t monologue himself to death.
So without a plot, screenplay or any common sense what are you left with? Action scenes. Lots of legendary characters smashing things at each other. I guess the makers of this film couldn’t be bothered. It shows. Go see Deadpool.