Cheers To New Pub in Fairfield, The Castle On Post


Chris Andrews, Staff Writer

The Castle On Post is a new Irish themed pub that has enough televisions to watch any sporting event. The pub opened late last year and I tried it out this weekend for the first time. The restaurant is cozy with about 15 tables and the rest of the space taken up by the bar. There are several plaques on the wall with Gaelic symbols and expressions.  And the walls were decorated throughout with shamrock garland – I assume for Saint Patrick’s Day.

The menu includes the typical Irish fare with brunch items, as well, on Sundays. For starters, I tried the lobster bisque which I would highly recommend. You should know that it is a little spicy though, which is not what I expected from an Irish restaurant.

On the brunch menu, a great meal to try is the Shrimp Frittata. The eggy quiche with shrimp in the middle may not seem to go well together, but it tastes amazing. I ordered mine with the sweet chili sauce on the side, but I loved this dish which combined seafood and eggs, my two favorite foods.

For those who don’t want a very big meal, but something that is more basic, then you might want to try the Classic Grilled Cheese. It is not just your average grilled cheese because it comes with bacon and tomato, both of which are the perfect thickness for a great blend of the three flavors.

And you cannot go wrong with the Bangers and Mash. The mashed potatoes and sausage are great together for a nice taste. It was good they had the onion rings on the side because it really gave a fuller flavor with the sausage.

And for dessert, the bread pudding is a must. It has a french toast like consistency. The savory of the bread and raisins mixed with the sweetness of the ice cream makes it a great dessert.

Next time you’re in the mood for pub fare, try The Castle on Post at 222 Post Road in Fairfield. You won’t regret it.