The Voice climbs to the top of the charts


Sydney Kaplan, Staff Writer

When you typically think of the top ten songs most popular songs on iTunes, what comes to mind would be some overplayed Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift songs.

But in the past couple weeks, as ninth season of The Voice came to a close, the contestants made covers of all kinds of music that have dominated the charts.

As the competition dwindled to the remaining competitors, more and more talent was brought to the stage.

With the help of vocal coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, and Gwen Stefani, the contestants were able to perform amazing song covers throughout the season. This is a prime example of how television has become more important than radio in the music business.

There are so many different ways songs become popular, and singing shows have contributed greatly. The audience of singing shows are more dedicated to the artists because they feel more involved in the process of their success.

They are the ones that vote for them loyally every week and watch them grow and develop as singers.

Many can’t wait to see where Jordan Smith, number one on the charts and winner of The Voice Season 9, will go with his music career.