Museum of Modern Art attracts Staples students

Museum of Modern Art attracts Staples students

Julia Rosier, Sports Editor

Located in the heart of New York City, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), has been a must-see attraction for tourists, New Yorkers and Staples students alike since its inception in 1929 and was the first museum to focus on modern art.

The MoMA is home to over 135,000 paintings, prints, drawings, films, sculptures and design objects that showcase artists such as Pablo Picasso, Ansel Adams and Jackson Pollock. One of the most popular attractions at the MoMA is Monet’s Water Lily room, not just for Staples students, but for many around the world.

According to the museum’s website, the museum “encourages an ever-deeper understanding and enjoyment of modern and contemporary art by the diverse local, national, and international audiences that it serves.”

Over the last couple months, these works of art have captured the minds and hearts of Staples students and inspired them to visit the museum.

Lilly Howes ’17 has visited the museum multiple times and each time she is inspired by the works of art. “I love MoMA just because some of the art is so unique and really free form and abstract,” Howes said.

Fatima Alanis ’18 visited the museum in December and said that she truly enjoyed it and would return to the museum.

“The most interesting [thing] about the MoMA museum was the “Starry Night” painting by Van Gogh,” Alanis said.

Throughout the museum, students have been captivated by each exhibit. Fleur Byrne ’17 also attended the museum over the winter break.

“I used to go the the MoMA when I was little because it was my favorite museum and I hadn’t been in a while so I decided to revisit,” Byrne said, “I love seeing all of the new exhibits in MoMA, but my favorite is the photography exhibit.”

The MoMA museum also offers limited special featured exhibits and events such as the Pablo Picasso sculpture exhibit which is open until Feb. 7, 2016.

Byrne attended the sculpture showings of Pablo Picasso during her last visit. “I enjoyed seeing how distinct his style is across all forms of art, although he isn’t my favorite sculptor,” Byrne said.

The Museum of Modern Art continues to be a very popular museum in New York City because it features artist from around the world and showcases different styles of art.

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