Joggers storm into Staples


Jack Zeldes, Staff Writer

Looking around Staples, you may have noticed a unique pair of pants that many students are wearing. Looking like khakis, but with an elastic waist and a sweatpants feel it’s safe to say that joggers are in this winter.
According to SportsOneSource analyst Matt Powell through Business Insider, “They’re the hottest trend in bottoms in men’s.”
Not only are men rocking the joggers, but many girls have taken to these comfortable bottoms.
Joggers are pretty freeing. You can wear sweatpants joggers or more fashionable joggers so you can really dress them up. Just the other days I was told I looked like Aladdin,” Halle Foster ‘16 said.
For many students, the versatility of the pants are what is so appealing. You can wear them to school, social events or even on, of course, a jog.
For the now, joggers continue to grow around staples.
“Joggers look nice and feel nice and are the best pants on the market right now. If you don’t have a pair of joggers than you’re simply missing out on the style,” said Daniel Brill ‘16, owner of three different pairs of joggers. “They’re definitely in style right now.”