Silverman’s becomes a staple in students’ fall season

Abby Lamb ’18, A&E Editor

Each year when the air turns crisp and the leaves turn orangy yellow, Silverman’s Farm becomes a fall tradition for many students.

“It’s part of my fall culture, my family’s been doing it for as long as I can remember,” Charlie Colasurdo ’18 stated.

The bumpy ride through the leaf-strewn orchard and the brisk air provides the perfect start to the autumnal season.

Irv Silverman, owner of the farm, lit up as he explained, “It’s good for kids to see apple’s actually growing on trees and picking the apples off the trees versus other kids thinking apples grow in Super Stop and Shop.”

The experience of picking fresh fruit right of the branch is enchanting and something anyone can enjoy no matter how many times you do it.

The farm also has a market that is stocked head to toe with a variety of delicious assortments, making apple picking not the only reason people come to the farm.

The comfortably packed country store has everything from Macintosh to Honeycrisps, vibrantly lining a wall with colors spanning from green to gold to red.

Morgan Whelan ’16 said, “It’s not fall until I go apple picking. It really sets the mood for the season and I love drinking the apple cider and eating the donuts.”

The market also has an array of pies, jams, and of course their famous apple cider donuts. Whatever the highly addictive quality in the donuts is, they bring people back every season looking for more.  

After preparing for the change in weather during fall, the farm switches over to selling Christmas trees and holiday items in the winter season. The apple trees still have to be maintained in the winter too, making it a year-long process.

The farm also has an on site animal farm with animals ranging from buffalo to exotic birds that kids and adults alike love to pet and feed.

When asked why he thinks apple picking is so popular, Silverman responded, “It’s easy, it’s fun, you can go on tractor rides, you can see the animals. There’s a little bit everything.”

Almost a hundred years after it was built, Silverman’s Farm continues to have the same  aroma, making it a staple each autumnal season.