Coffee N’ sweetens National Donut Day


Kaila Finn, Web Managing Editor

On Friday, June 5, Westporters can celebrate National Donut Day with a free donut at Dunkin’ Donuts or even frying some yourself! However, one donut-haven takes fried-dough-first-place: Coffee N’.

Tucked away amongst a few other ma-and-pa shops, Coffee N’ is a bastion of old-time Westport. Linoleum floors, a horseshoe diner counter, and a few small, two-person wood tables create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The diner-style café has been open for decades now and still run by the Vladise couple.

Minahil Salam ’16 loves the old-time feel of the café. She explained that, “Coffee N’ has a really strong tie and is so connected to Westport because it’s been around for so long.”

Coffee N’s classic egg-bacon-cheese sandwich is a savory treat, but the real stars are the donuts: nothing too fancy, balanced sweetness, and perfect texture. The traditional and chocolate-glazed are a popular favorite, especially because they are usually fresh out of the frier and still dripping warm glaze! Nonetheless, if you’re in the mood to try something different, the coconut crueller is ideal because it’s tropically flavorful with a delicious crunchy outside.

While the food is a highlight, many Westport citizens say that the community is really what makes it. One old-time waitress, Stacy Kapetaneas, said “I love the people. You never know who’s gonna walk through the door. It could be on the most humble people or one of the biggest stars.”

Another Coffee N’ frequenter, Ellie Aronson ’16 explained that her mother grew up getting donuts on Sundays at the diner and now she does too. “She’s been taking me here since I was born. It’s just the warmest, more welcoming atmosphere.”

Kapetaneas, summing up many people’s affection towards Coffee N’, said, “With all of the chain stores like Starbucks and Panera, there’s not too many places like this anymore where it’s so friendly. I think, what’s not to love?”