Players successfully take on “Sweeney Todd”

Players successfully take on Sweeney Todd

Jenny Lupoff, Staff Writer

On March 13 at 7:30 p.m., Staples Players performed the opening night of “Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,”  their 2014-2015 spring production.

A musical thriller set in England, the show tells the story of Benjamin Barker, who returns to London as Sweeney Todd after 15 years of banishment, to take revenge on the judge who exiled him.

Though usually set in the 19th century, this production takes place in 2049. Juliet Kimble ’15, who plays the role of Mrs. Lovett, describes it as being very different from other versions of the show, yet it still stays true to the original story.

Although the chilling drama is far from a lighthearted classic, cast members have enjoyed this change of pace.

“Sweeney is more dark than the typical spring show that we usually do and I enjoy the different genre that we’ve picked,” Caroline Didelot ’16 said.

Likewise, Mackenzie Lavoie ’16,  likes how “ along with intense music, lights, and costumes, [the show] occasionally manages to fit in a few jokes here and there.”

Yet it is the show’s intense music that seems to particularly stand out.

“Sondheim is an incredible musical genius,” Everett Sussman ’15, who plays the role of Sweeney Todd, said.

The song “Epiphany,” sung by Sussman, seems to be a particular favorite amongst the cast members.

“While so many songs in this show are fantastic, the focus and talent put into Epiphany is tremendous and it shows,”  Keanan Pucci ’16 said.

Didelot agrees, describing the song as “absolutely incredible.”

And while the show does contain some graphic scenes, the audience members, like the performers, enjoyed all of the genre’s unique elements.

“I thought the scenes when Sweeney was killing customers were well done,” Maddie Demeter’ 15 said.

Claire Sampson’ 15, who thought the show truly reflected the incredible talent at Staples, agrees.

“It was definitely a different show than what Players normally does and I really enjoyed it,” Sampson said. “I would definitely recommend everyone to go see the show!”