Morning Jam Session

Ben Foster

Waking up for school is always going to be a struggle. But when it comes to making the trek to school, students find ways to ease the  despair. One imperative source is listening to music. This helps distract high schoolers from fact they were heading to school and sets the mood for the day.

The flow of any school day very well depends on how their mornings before school went. And for Blair Gould ’15 she lives by this everyday, by jamming out before another day at Staples High School.

“I don’t like silence, I pretty much always have music playing,” Gould said.

Also without music, Gould wouldn’t have a song stuck in her head for the valuable self entertainment which is key during the low parts of the school day. “ I think like the first song you hear in the day gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day so like if you listen to a pump up song it pumps you up throughout the day,” Gould said.

On the other hand, Brian MacCordy ’17 takes a different path when listening to music before school. Instead of it pumping him up, music has more of a therapeutic element that helps him get ready for school. “It relaxes me, clears my mind, and makes me not worry as much about the day ahead, putting me in a better mood.”

Two different ways of using the music, but are both effective.

Colby Siegel ’16 is a fan of early morning toons as well. She has a specific taste of music for that time of day. “I like alternative because it’s my favorite genre so it wakes me up.”

Artists that Siegel enjoys are: The Naked and Famous, Passion Pit,  Milky Chance.

However Students prep themselves to get school, it seems like music is a big help for those who try to drive through the school day. Whether they are trying to focus or distract themselves throughout the school day at Staples.