Staples screams for ice cream despite temperatures dropping

Kit Epstein, Staff Writer

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Although summer is seen as the most logical season to eat frozen treats, there’s always been debate over what time of year is best for eating tons of ice cream.
Blistering hot July and August days are the perfect time to devour Joey’s ice cream down at Compo, get three scoops of Cookie Monster at Saugatuck Sweets or slurp down a refreshing milkshake from Sunny Daes.
But soon enough, Fall rolls around.
Leaves start to change, schools starts up again and the ice cream filled days are over, for most of us.
Some students at Staples believe that ice cream should only be a summer food.
“I think it’s too cold of a food for Winter,” Britt Hood ’15 said. The choice to not eat ice cream in the Winter is understandable, considering temperatures drop below freezing once December hits. Many believe that Winter should be full of puffy jackets and warm soup, not a bowl of ice cream.
Yet, there are still those hardcore ice-cream eaters who continue to stock up on pints of Ben and Jerry’s even as the temperature drops into the 50s.
“I don’t understand people who stop eating ice cream as soon as summer ends,” Katherine Coogan ’17 said.
Coogan is an ice cream fanatic, and claims that she continues to eat the frozen treat in the dead of winter.
“I would eat ice cream in negative degrees,” she explained.
Incidentally, she’s not the only Staples student who feels this way.
“If you love something, you have to stick with it,” Jessica Spector ’15 said. Spector is a devoted Sunny Daes customer who claims that the employees let her scoop her own ice cream.
“During the summer, I had ice cream every single day and I can’t give that up yet,” Spector confessed.