Westport farmers’ market

A young shopper pays for the pears at the Connecticut Grown booth.

Ivy Prince, Staff Writer

Although the rainy day kept lots of Westport locals home, the turnout at the weekly Westport Farmers’ Market was still packed.

On Thursday from 10-2:00, people were coming and going, buying all sorts of foods and plants. Ranging from custom made pots with freshly picked carnations, to steaming hot tamales, the variety of products there were endless.

Walking through the different stands, one can see how much pride and effort these farmers put into their food or crafts that they sell. At the Simply Smiles stand, kids were able to see the coffee beans firsthand, and see where they came from. The Fort Hill Farm stand had local vegetables and fruits, many of which were picked that morning.

Even though the weather might have not brought a smile to everyone’s face there, the food and crafts that were there most definitely did.