Bravo! Bravo! New pizza place receives rave reviews

A sneak peak of what your pizza could like.

Jack Zeldes

A sneak peak of what your pizza could like.

Jack Zeldes, Staff Writer

With brand new food places like Qdoba and Saugatuck Sweets, the opening of a new pizza place, Pizzeria Bravo has not gotten the attention it should be receiving.

Located where Munson’s Chocolate used to be, Pizzeria Bravo has some tough shoes to fill for Staples students.

The new restaurant has not officially had its grand opening, and instead has opted to go with a soft opening in order to work out the kinks before it is truly open for business.

While its target audience may not necessarily be students from Staples, its reasonable prices and fantastic pizza may attract students.

“We try to target adults because we are a wine bar, but we do sell great pizza which Staples Students might like,”  Seth Kulback, manager of Bravo during the day said.

It’s easy to tell that the restaurant is aimed for adults and older people with its upscale decor. Its full bar with several flat screen tvs provide a place for customers to enjoy a nice glass of wine or in a high schooler’s case, a nice cup of soda while watching their favorite teams play. Or if sports aren’t your main interest, then sit back away from the televisions and enjoy a quiet, and of course delicious meal.

Pizzeria Bravo provides a different type of meal than the other pizza places in Westport. Planet Pizza, Jordan’s, and Westport Pizza all supply quality pizza with regular toppings; however, Bravo’s specialty pizzas include a variety of exotic additions.

Coupled with its intimate and interesting atmosphere, Bravo provides a different type of experience from any other pizza restaurant in Westport.

Be sure to watch for updates from Pizzeria Bravo as they will soon announce the date of their Grand Opening.