Jimmy Fallon turns a new leaf for “The Tonight Show”


What do you get when you take “The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon” and add in a new time and spiced up set? “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

If you loved Jimmy Fallon before, don’t worry. Nothing’s changed. He’s brought back many of the Late Show favorites like Pros and Cons and dance numbers.

Plus, Fallon is absolutely bubbling with excitement and gratitude which only makes him more endearing to watch.

Initially a bit shaky, due to obvious nerves, he’s only gotten more confident. And with a guest list such as his, including Michelle Obama, Jerry Seinfeld and Lady Gaga, not only is he catering to plenty of audiences young and older, but he’s starting strong.

However strong his skits and guest list are, Fallon could stand to work on his interviewing skills. Paul Rudd and him going on a long spiel about Rocky can only hold someone’s interest for so long, you know.

It takes some big shoes to fill in Jay Leno’s, who has starred as host since 1992, but Fallon is up to the job with puppy-dog enthusiasm for the position.

Quite frankly, no matter how great Leno is, he needed to be replaced if NBC wanted to revamp and introduce new audiences to their Tonight Show. While beloved, a fresh face in that time slot will only help ratings, especially when the new host is an already loved Jimmy Fallon.

Already, Fallon’s boosted viewership by two million as well as dropped the average viewer age by seven years. Most likely viewership will go down once the newness wears off, but still impressive considering the show hasn’t had that many viewers since the original host’s, Johnny Carson, last week in 1992.

But, then again, who can resist the adorable Jimmy Fallon down on his knees lip syncing to “Jukebox Hero?”