“Don’t Drink the Water” ends in success

Caroline Rossi, Web Features Editor

On Sunday March 2nd, members of the cast of “Don’t Drink The Water” took their final bow. The Woody Allen comedy directed by Nathan Francis ’14 ran for three performances.

“I am over the moon about how this process went,” said Francis. “Everything just came together so well, from the costumes to sound to the lights to the cast, the performances truly went off without a hitch.”

The story, set during the Cold War Era, follows a family of tourists who are accused of being spies while on vacation in Europe when they take a few photographs. They seek refuge in the United States Embassy behind the Iron Curtain where they must devise an escape plan in order to get back to their hometown of Newark, New Jersey.

Rachel Beck ’15 played Susan Hollander, the daughter of the family. On her first experience acting in a studio production, Beck admitted, “Being Susan Hollander was a little difficult at first, but Nathan really helped me get in touch with her.”

Sarah Quagliariello ’15 played Ms. Kilroy, the Ambassador Magee’s assistant.

“I had a lot of fun with my role because I got to portray a whole variety of characteristics ranging from serious to passive-aggressive to delirious,” Quagliariello said. “I found the process to be really great, I felt like we got really close as a cast and got to know each other really well which was definitely special and helped us rely on each other both on and off stage.

The production process was not without its problems.

“We lost a lot of rehearsal time, but everyone was so dedicated and so passionate so everything worked out,” said Beck. Katelyn Farnen ‘14 who played Sister Drobney, agreed that it could be frustrating and stressful with the amount of snow days and cancelled rehearsals.

In the end, the show was a success, but closing night was bittersweet.

“I am a little sad that it’s all over, but I can happily report that I thoroughly enjoyed the ride,” said Francis.